So I tried it, just honey and olive oil. I did read from Tonya that it can lighten but not to do it too I'll resist the urge lol. I feel like it was mostly olive oil that ended up in my hair since the honey sank to the bottom and was messy to re-mix...and at first I was kind of upset because I thought my hair came out the same, maybe even darker. My friend told me today that she didnt realize my hair was black. *sigh* It use to highlight with the sun when I was putting chemical relaxers in it...

& then I was wondering well maybe this new hair gel I put on toda is a bit heavier than the leave in conditioner I put in yesterday...does hair gel mak hair appear darker? I feel like it does. So I took some pictures anyway, maybe it did lighten (I hope it wasnt just a change of lighting!)

I know it'll take a few rounds of treatment but I'm going to do it again and keep track with pictures! Even if it doesnt lighten, my hair feels amazing today I also heard that a little bit on cinnamon and distilled water will help the process so I'll be trying that also, heres the thread I found that in:
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