I am interested in lightening my hair to make for a brighter adn warmer color (my hair is almost black now) for my wedding. I did my research and here are my top choices:
1. Go to a Deva salon and get the Pintura method with Goldwell dye
2. Go to a Ouidad salon and get wella dye

I hear great things and mediocre things about the Pintura method on the sight adn pretty much nothing about Goldwell. On the otherhand, I have found sme articles on the benefits of wella dye on curly hair. I am trying to damage my hair the least amount as possible.

I scheduled a consultation with both salons so I can make my decision. Any advice on what I should be considering, your experiences, your recommendation or even additional questions to ask. Does it even matter and should I just go with the salon that can do my wedding hair trial the best?

3C Hair