The biggest thing I can say.. because I went through a few epic failure hair-dos ( or rather hell no donts ) is to check your regimen. It might be your products.. I know a few of my braid outs ( and I have to deal with DC humidity) went to hell, but I was also not sealing the moisture in my hair correctly. Just recently I found a product but twisted sista or sister that has let my braidout last three days and I havent had to hit it with moisture or anything yet.. its a miracle.. so perhaps trying experimenting a bit more...

say no to the creamy crack though.. you could end up perming it and being even more miserable with regret.. thats what happened to my first transition...

Getting there slowly but surely!

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Current Favs<3 Taaliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, Vegetable Glycerin and Pure Argan Oil!!!