Help!! I am addicted to buying hair care products!!

I am fairly new to the site and after reading all the threads and comments I've decided to switch to natural products like jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary etc. My only problem is that I get carried away and I want to try them all... At once. I know this is bad because it really does give me a chance to see how each product affects my hair, whether negatively or positively.

I spent almost $30 on hair care products last week and I am about to spend another $60 today buying some more online. It must be that I am so excited to grow out a healthy head of natural hair & to get rid of this relaxer but this is really putting a dent in my pocket.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or it it just me? I don't want to risk being broke because I can't control my hair care spending.
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if only it were just you! lol I spent over $2,000 last year alone on products.
a good rule of thumb to remember is that no product is going to grow your hair out, they can only maintain it. But, damn, if it ain't fun to try new stuff!
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