I am on product over load. I have just seriously decide to go natural again after a failed attempt two years ago. My last perm was three months ago. I used the mixed chicks product line and not I am using the shea mositure product line. After using it twice I am not happy. My hair is still dry after it drys and IDK what to do. Do I try another product? I also need help on transitioning styles. I would like to try a few style before the summer is over (teacher) I would to find styles that I can do and can last from dancing and sweat (dance teacher) I also want to stay professional at the same time.

I can not tell my hair type but it I go by what my baby pic my natural hair is very thick and dry. My three yr old had very dry hair with tight curls (I used Mizani on his hair) My four month old has fine, curly and dry hair.

I fear that if I do not get help I will surrender to the perm again.