Never comb your hair after it's dry, or even play with it with your fingers too much. It causes major frizz unfortunetly. Style when wet and then leave it at that Also I'd reccomend plopping, you can find a video how to here; YouTube - ‪Plopping Revisited (Long Sleeved T-shirt Method)‬‏ all you need is a long sleeved cotton shirt
Ashleigh Elizabeth
CG Since 7/2/2011
In Between 2c & 3a

CO WASH- Suave Naturals
CONDISH- Sally's Generic value products conditioning balm
STYLE- Ice Queen method
GELS- LA Looks Absolute styling sport // IC hair polisher styling gel with sparkle lites
HG- KCC = AMAZING! My secret weapon!
FINISH- Plop // Pixiecurl diffuser method (on occasion)

Learning To Embrace My Curls!