do you know i just realized kinky curly is selling the tangle teezer on their site for 18 bucks lol
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Now that's some mess right there. Hopefully some people will realize that its sold at Sally's for considerably less.

@ Luvmylocs, I stopped questioning why it works after the first time I used it I'm just so glad it does lol
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Funny cuz Ricky's NYC sells it for 15.99. I didn't think there were any Sally's in the NYC area, so I did a wider search outside of my borough (Bx) and was pleased to discover there are two in Brooklyn and one in Queens! These are both out of my way but after reading and seeing almost everyone rave about it, I'm willing to go out of my way to save some money.
Can we talk about the awful promotional video by the inventor of the website? Why do the colored women in the video both have to have weave, the first of which still looks pretty bad to my eye after he brushes it.

The website says you can use it on an afro, and reading this thread yes you can, but why not show as much in the video?