I really commend Dee for what she has done. I joined there in 2004 when I went natural the first time and I KNOW that what I learned at NP was critical to my mental journey and I am so grateful for it!

I don't think my mind would be where it is were it not for NP and Dee and I am grateful for the site.
Originally Posted by AllieCat0817
I feel the same way. When I joined in 2006 I didn't know ish about being natural or transitioning. That site really showed me that even the most tightly curled hair can be beautiful and I never would have embraced that if it wasn't for NP.

I don't get why people have such a issue with the site. The mission statement is crystal clear. There are some very militant ppl there, so what? The same "know it all" attitudes are here and on other boards. NP is the only hair board that I see people openly complain about. I never understood why since its a choice, not an obligation to join.
Originally Posted by quietstorm
I think people have stated why they have/had issues with the site. It those issues aren't issues for you, then that's fine. Those of us who weren't feelin' NP did leave, yet many of us (me included) see the need for NP, for some people, or for some people at a particular time in their journey.

I started my journey, before NP. I joined NP for social/entertainment purposes...not to feel good about hair, or to get support to embrace my hair. Having nappy/kinky/coily hair doesn't make one in need of "support", IMO. However, I understand that some people fear going against the grain, learning new haircare techniques, resisting societal pressure, not fitting in, rejection, ridicule, etc., and they need to feel like they're not alone. But not all of us come from a "I hate my hair, and I need to be deprogrammed, so please bring it on!" place.

I have mad respect for Dee, and I appreciate the mission of NP, although I don't necessarily agree with all of the ideology. Either you're ready to make peace with your hair, or you're not. Learn to be your best cheerleader, cuz sometimes it's just you.

If there was no NP, NC, Happy Kinks, Nappy Waves, Curly Curties, etc., I would still rock my hair proudly, as always, business as usual.
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