I really commend Dee for what she has done. I joined there in 2004 when I went natural the first time and I KNOW that what I learned at NP was critical to my mental journey and I am so grateful for it!

At the same time, some of the militant attitudes did work my nerve and I rarely go there anymore because of it plus in the past the website had some major issues and I just got frustrated.

I don't think my mind would be where it is were it not for NP and Dee and I am grateful for the site.
Originally Posted by AllieCat0817
I agree with you on that. In retrospection, a huge thing that I think a resourse such as Nappturality helped me on was seeing the beauty in all hair textures and curl patterns. There was no emphasis on curl pattern, which I soon came to find out didn't matter. I joined the site back in 2008, which was when I started my HHJ. It is the first online community I joined

I can't say that I would have been caught up in the curl pattern typing frenzy if I hadn't found NP because I did my research. I knew/know my hair type. I don't think I've ever made a post asking for my hair type. I never needed to. Even though the whole hair typing system is hogwash, I never found it (and still think it is/doesn't have) to be an overly complicated thing. Look at the picture, read the description, and compare your hair. Hair typing is like matching your skin to makeup. You're not gonna be a perfect match to someone else. You're not gonna easily fit into a box. That is another reason why these people that come up on here and other boards and post pictures of their hair asking what their hair type is really grate my nerves. It's like some people are reaching out for hope that they aren't perceived to have a certain hair type....but that's another tangent.lol

Anyways, NP does deserve credit from me for cementing the necessity of appreciating all hair textures the way they are and KIM. No need to hierarchize certain hair types over others.

I don't go over there much, and haven't been over there pretty much at all lately. I lurk sometimes but I don't really participate. Not much activity there. I mainly researched over there. Now you have to pay to see the commercial hair product section and I don't feel like paying cus I barely visit the site as it is.
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