Does your skin look better in yellow gold or white gold/silver?

One of them makes the skin look nice and the other makes the skin look grey, red or just brings out scars and stuff more than the other.

So depending on what you come up with with that...well if you look good in yello gold you are warm and if the silver looks better on you you are cold.

Cold looks good in cold colors and warm looks good in warm colors.

I am pretty neautral myself but my skin looks much better in yellow gold, and warm colors so I am mainly "warm".
I just looked into that stuff a while back.
Originally Posted by Kurlee
I think I look good in both silver & yellow gold. But I like yellow gold a bit better.

People compliment me when I wear brown, but I also get complimented when I wear colors like periwinkle. I definitely like jewel tones and rich colors on me. I'm not much for pastels. I have to be really careful with yellows or I look jaundiced. Probably the worst color on me is a beige/stone color. I have a suit in that color and when I wear it I have to put on a bright top or scarf or I look sick.

Maybe I'm neutral ???????

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