Ok so a couple days ago I posted a thread about the possibility of getting side bangs. I got positive feedback so I decided that I would definitely get them. My mom made an appointment with a salon that we had taken my sister to (whose hair is very curly) because hers turned out great. They set me up an appointment with a lady they thought would cut my hair good. I was so excited I was counting down the days to when I would walk out of the salon with my new look. I even brought in a picture of a girl with bangs exactly like I wanted them. I got kinda nervous walking into the salon and we had to wait a little an the wait was killing me! Then this hip-dressed lady with short straight hair came and told me she would be cutting my hair. She asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted side bangs and I showed her my picture. She took one look and said that wouldn't look good with your hair. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. My mom could tell and later she told me she was furious with that lady. Trying to keep my confidence (even though she basically crushed it) I asked her if there was anything I could do different with my hair because it's been the same my whole life. She said no there's basically nothing you can do with curly hair except it long. She said I really couldn't do anything different with my hair until I was old enough to start wanting to only wear it straight. Who ever said I was planning on straightening my hair when I get older? She complimented me when washing my hair telling me my hair was really healthy probably because I dont use heat with my hair. After she finished washing it she cut it in a decent cut by its pretty much what I already had and then what do you know, she pulls it the blow dryer and flat iron. Then she kept telling me how nice my hair looked straight. I was so mad. She basically insulted me with that comment and the whole time she acted like having curly hair was like a punishment. That whole lovely experience cost my mom $66.00. We won't be going back to that salon needlesstosay.

So, now that you've heard my story about my horrible and somewhat scarring salon experince, whats yours?