4 years ago when I moved to Rock Hill, SC. I didn't know anyone, let alone being able to locate a hairdresser. Since I was in desperate need of a cut I went to a local chain called Great Clips (aka...CRAP CLIPS)
Mistake number 1. The guy who cut my hair was straight and he used to be a barber.
2. He put all my hair in a pony tail and cut straight across.
3. We didn't get to mistake #3 because at this point I was sporting some sort if mullet hair-do.

When I was done yelling at him telling him I looked like the spawn of Carol Brady and Billy Ray Cyrus, he told me he could fix it. I don't know about you but I wasn't letting that MOFO anywhere near my head. He promised me it would look better after it was dried. I headed home crying.

After wiping my tears off I jumped in the shower then proceeded to dry my hair. OMG it made it worse!!! The next day, when I walked into work I heard "OMG what happened to your hair?" I cried again then ran out to another salon hoping they could fix my mess. They did but they had to cut so much hair off to even it out.

I did call and complain and got my big $18 back from that crappy cut. To make matters worse I even tipped the guy $5 as I left that first salon. I dont know what I was thinking.

I've always had an aversion to hair salons to the point I'm downright fearful of them because I had never received a good haircut in my life. I'm going for a Deva Cut with a specialist who was trained by Lorraine Massey, in
August. Hopefully this will be the best haircut of my life, but if it's not, I guess I'll be giving myself trims for now on.

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