I got my haircut fairly short right after I turned 50. I didn't exactly intend to, I just told her to do what she thought would look best as I was very unhappy with how I had been looking for the past year or so. Anyway, it looked sooo cute. I got a ton of compliments. I realized that my hair had been dragging my face down. I had been wondering why I didn't look very good anymore. Lately (8 years later), I had been growing it out thinking I really liked the way it felt blowing in the wind. However, I finally realized that I was not looking good at all so I got it cut short again. The compliments are coming (which I like), and most important I think I look a lot better. However, I am a little sad that longer hair just doesn't work for me anymore. But not sad enough to let it grow. It's important to me to look as good as I can, and if that makes me shallow then so be it.