Hair Nectar is a staple for me and has been for a few years. I think it is 'intended' for looser textures than mine, but my hair LOVES IT and prefers it to the Hair Milk (now called ambrosia). At one time I thought I could replace Hair Nectar with Darcy's Daily Leave In.... I use both and rotate them or sometimes use both together. My hair seems better off with the Hair Nectar. My faves are Lavender Vanilla and Coco Lime. I've tried lots of the scents but I always come back to those. I always buy the Fanatic size. I wish it were less expensive but I'll pay it.

I tried the rinse out conditioner once but didn't repurchase because of the cost and I didn't feel it did anything for me that on-the-ground cheaper condishes do.

I know folk have had issues with service it seems. There were a few bleeps along the way with me, but they always responded immediately and remedied the situation quickly and to more than my satisfaction. Sometimes their website has 'issues' too.. and there have been times when their flash sale coupon codes dont work (and the sale is only for an hour from noon to 1 on those days). I emailed them about a code not working but never got a response that time.

The last time I used a flash code it did work.

I have continued to order from them during times when others have made their bad experiences known on hair forums- because I personally have always been satisfied and if I wasnt the situation was remedied quickly.

Also the sizes have decreased while the price remained the same. At one time the leave-ins were 8oz and now they are 6.7 oz or something like that. Now THAT DOES BUG ME.

I really do like KBB and will continue to purchase. And I'm GLAD I'm not near that store. This winter I plan to try some of the butters.
3c/4a Natural