LOL. I get that all the time too. I just want to be like leave me alone! Even though I am mixed.

When I was at work this lady had long curly 3c hair, I didn't think anything of it. And she comes up to me and goes
"what are you mixed with?"
and I said ""
and then she says "and what else?"

and then I said: "white?" and she was like "oh that's it?"

I was like well damn sorry I'm not all that special for you I mean my mother is german and polish but she's still white well sorrrrry. And then she told me everything she was mixed with and I just stared at her and was like "okay" CAUSE I DON'T CARE! and when she realized I didn't care she says : "Oh well I just wanted to ask because I saw we have the same kind of hair"

In my head I was like "no we don't"
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Christ. This is why I just tell people I'm only black. I don't have time for comparing things that DON'T MATTER. I have a tribal card and the first day I got it and was showing it to one of my friends this woman just comes up and starts talking me to death about how she's mixed with native american and it's good to see a REAL native american for once...britch, if I didn't say anything/have documentation no one would even know, including your nosy self. And what, real native american as opposed to a fake one? Get off your high horse and carry yo tail. People kills me.

Okay, I'm done. Lol
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Lol. ITA. I also do the same. I'm black. It's easy, simple & keeps the convo moving. Now that doesn't stop people from asking me stupid questions like 'what are you' (I'm human beyotch) or where did you come from...the few times I do get into a convo that seems like it may go somewhere intelligent I still got 'so thats why you have a white girl nose' or 'thats why you have such high cheek bones' when they hear my ethnic background. I'm like lord I can't win!
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