Thanks for the tips!
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No problem! I also just realized that I never answered your question about the drying time. Honestly I don't know Lol. I know thats probably not much help but in this hottt weather I take as much moisture getting into my hair as possible at all times so it really doesn't bother me if its kinda wet.

I also moisturize twice a day so even if my hair is close to getting dry it just gets re-wet when I spritz it again. However I have noticed that when I take my bun down at the end of the week the hair inside is still slightly damp which I think is more due to the fact that I moisturize twice daily then anything.

Don't know if that really helped you or not...

Yeah, that works! I was never into weaves and wigs and stuff though, so I just have to make do. Hopefully it'll be all grown out sooner than later.
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Girl I was never into them either until I had to be due to hair breakage from the perms. However once I tried it & found one I loved I've been rocking it ever since. I actually have been purchasing the same style for the past 2 & a half yrs! It is a little weird at first but you will get used to it...I say just go to the BSS & try a few different ones on just to see. If you really don't like it you can leave w/out it.

I really like this thread. I am transitioning for the 3rd time this year. I'm trying to stay faithful to growing out my relaxer. My hair gets very big and curly at the roots after 3-4 months. I find during those painful months braid outs are the only styles I can wear. During the 3-4 month mark my hair is way too thick for a bun. My hair depending on the season gets extremely dry and soaks up product. That's another issue I want to tackle this time around. Any tips or suggestions from anyone that has made it past the 3-4 month mark?
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Are you dry bunning or wet bunning? My hair is hella thick and dry bunning really doesn't do the job for me. However when I wet bun it works out 1000xs better!
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I really don't wet bun because when I sleep with my hair wet I wake up with a headache and a stuffy nose. Now that outside is hot I'll try it in the day time
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Wow. Ok. See thats why everything doesn't work for everyone but maybe the hot weather would make a difference especially if you were bunning during the colder months and this happened to you.
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