Okay, so mine isn't as bad as y'alls but here goes.

My mom freaked out and thought we had lice (which 2 of my younger sisters did have some) so she goes out and buys all this lice products but it was really expensive and me and my 2 older sisters had hair down to our waist so she was in a HUGE hurry and just cut my hair straight across... (don't ever do that) Well, it was long on one side and short on the other. Then when we finally got rid of the lice we went to the salon to get our hair fixed, cause our mom had pretty much butchered it. By the time my hairdresser could straighten out my hair it was up to my shoulder. And then I told her that I wanted it layered and thinned (my hair was REALLY thick) but she felt it and was like "oh, it's not thick, I don't think it needs to be thinned." Well, I didn't really know that my hair was curly, I just thought it was frizzy, and I didn't know how not to brush my hair...so as soon as we get in the car, of course I brish it. Um, yeah. My friends would call my poodle.. lol It was awful! I always had this poofy hair that looked awful!!!! Oh, and I didn't even have layers, I don't know what she did to it, but it wasn't layered. I asked several other people too and they said that it wasn't. But we changed hairstylist so I haven't had anything worse then that. I was pretty upset though. When I went to my new hairstylist (I didn't even ask her to thin it) she started going on about how thick my hair was, so she told me she was going to thin it. haha I told her what my other hairstylist said and she was like "what?! was she crazy?!"
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