i have been using kbb for about 3 years.
at first everything was great. great cs, fast shipping and amazing products.
then she changed the ingredients without updating the site which is a load of crap because when i get products i expect it to have the ingredients on the site.
i called them and told them the products that i have are not what i ordered. it looks different(i was talking about the hair cream which used to be a light whipped shiny butter, this order was of a thick heavy butter with no shine at all so it looked as if there was no glycerin added). they told me that there had not be an ingredient change and that the product was the same and the ingredient list on the jar was a misprint.
come to find out that was a lie. i swore i would never buy from them again because i later found out that it was not just the hair cream that had changed but the hair milk as well.

about a year later a local store started carrying the products so i looked at the hair cream and lo and behold it looks almost the same as it used to look but the ingredients on the jar are still different.

basically they have good products and bad cs.