I posted a review in another thread. I cannot remember where. Anyway, I have been to Natural Resources several times. I went about a month ago and got a trim and a twist out. Barbara is my stylist but Tamika has done my hair in the past. My hair was cut after it was blowed dry. Low heat was used to blow dry my hair. I prefer to have my hair trimmed on blown hair since I do straighten my hair from time to time. I love the service I receive. I may have Tamika weave up my hair once I saved up enough money. Tamika does nice lock stitch weaves but it is pricy. You will enjoy your experience.

Forgot to mention that the twists in my profile pic were done at Natural Resources.
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Barbara is going to do my hair today and yours looks great, so you've definitely helped to calm my jitters! Thanks! I'm excited to go now and my appt is at 10 so I'll definitely be posting a review and a pic later.

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