I did a banana and oil (coconut, grape seed, olive and almond) and honey DT for my dry curls and the banana was AWFUL. I pureed the mixture in a blender so I wouldn't have chunks of banana in my hair but it didn't help. It just made the banana chunks super fine to the point where when I put it in my hair it DID NOT wash out. The banana literally would not wash out of my hair. I took an hour and a half long shower and even had to shampoo (I've been no poo for over a year, so this was very upsetting) in desperate attempt to get it out. The banana was literally engrained in my hair. I used a quarter of a bottle of conditioner, as well, just to get my hair unknotted and to try to smooth the banana out, which helped a little bit but when I eventualy got out of the shower I still had a head full of soggy banana bits. I got most of the banana out with my hair brush (which was FULL of banana afterwards and super gross) but still ended up going to work with a little bit of banana in my hair still! On top of all that, my bathtub drain also became clogged with banana, which I had to disgustingly clean out later.

Long story short, this was the absolute WORST hair treatment ever and I will NEVER use banana on my hair ever again!
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I had the same exact experience a little over year ago with a DT with banana.

It was unbelievable. I thought I'd literally die with banana bits in my hair it was so infused throughout my hair and as you say, engrained (seemingly) on every strand. It took forever and ever and ever to get it out.

And don't get me started on what it took to get that mess out of my drain...A pretty penny paid to a plumber because even Draino couldn't move that mass (YUCK! )
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