I was called up to be a hair model next week and I wanted to kno if anyone had experiences they could share wit me so I kno what to expect. Is the ouidad cut typically good for someone wit my curl pattern?

Btw they said they're still looking for more girls if anyone is interested PM me.

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Mostly fine hair, coarse around my edges and nape.
Definitely high porosity and insanely dense.
Not so sure on the elasticity, but I don't think I have a very good moisture/protein balance and my hair is ubber dry, so I'm going to go with low... of course I could be very wrong.

Cowash/RO: HEHH, AIA Coconut Cowash
PT: Ion Effective Care Treatment
DT: Any condish with EVOO+Honey
LI: SM CES or PM The conditioner
Styler: EcoStyler Olive Oil, KCCC, or Let's Jam

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