Not as important as some of the other posts, but we've been lucky to meet some of the seasonal people up here camping. They are so wonderful, friendly and helpful. The man next door took my son out and taught him to kayak on the lake yesterday, his first time! Today they offered to let my son take me out and teach me with their kayaks. And he did! My first time too! It was so fun!

They offered the use of their kayaks while they go back home for a couple of weeks. (The seasonals have big camping rigs that they leave up hear for 5-6 months and they come and go) The wife asked me to water her plants (I'll have to post pics of her garden on that garden thread) and offered the use of their tables, chairs, etc that are set up in the "yard".

I feel so blessed! Wait til I tell hubby! He'll be back late Friday night.

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