Bought new Products PICS

I bought a large container of the Ampro Protein Styling Gel

I also bought the moisturizing TreSemme Naturals because I inadvertently bought the sleek version. I will use the moisturizing conditioner as my leave in. I feel like my hair has been yearning for more moisture.

I decided to buy more Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I wanted to try the Knot Today but it advertises as a detangler and I don't want anything that's going to smooth out my curls.

However I think I'm gonna try the Goddess Curls LMAO even though it says "for women and girls" ........ now that I think of it.... NO I made a vow to myself to not use any sexist products that say its for females.

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Originally Posted by PRINCETON
MMMMMM that Goddess Curls has my curls POPPIN. Lol. You betta do it.

Nah, I can understand that. I hate using products that are advertised towards a certain ethnic group so at first I was giving CURLS the side eye, but I just sucked it up and went with it. Haha.

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