I'm happy that there are people here that take the time to think of others, even if is only as long as it takes to type "thinking of you" "hugs" "wishing you the best." That there are those that let me vent to them, and try to help me through it.

I'm also happy that a stranger was kind enough to give my husband & I a ride last night. We had walked to a local pub (about 2 miles) for dinner. We knew there were thunderstorms in the metro area, but they all seemed to be north of us and moving to the northeast. Well we had a storm cell decide to park right over us for over 90 minutes. We were going to tough it out and walk in the torrential downpour, but because of the lightning we thought we'd call a dear friend to come pick us up. We couldn't get a hold of him, and struck up a conversation with a gentleman that was trying to get up the gumption to run to his car. Hearing that we were there without a vehicle he offered to give us a ride.

And our server told me I was beautiful, and that she loved my hair.
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