Im very new to this site and to transitioning. I am so glad to have come across this site. My last perm was Feb 2011. I have no plans on doing the big chop. I do not look cute with really short hair.I will have to cut it all off to be relaxer free. As of write now I am trying to grow it out with a sew in. I think I am going to keep wearing them at least until the end of the summer. I will get a trim every 3 months. I dont feel comfortable trimming alot off yet so right now it just may be the split ends we will see. Even though I am wearing a sew in a work out alot so I have been co washing everyother day. I am also trying the no poo method.
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Idk if you're going straight from one sew in to another, but if you are you may also want to take a break of like a week or two in between just to give your hair a break from the weave before you throw another one in. You also said that you are trimming when you take it out, but you may also want to alternate doing deep conditioning as well as protein treatments during the times that you are au natural as well.
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