Thanks everyone for the kindness. I really hope all goes well. I keep dreading a bad cut.... so much so that I never cut my hair after going natural. Until four or more months ago. Carlos Flores cut it and it looks great, but he didn't really give me the change I wanted... So I guess I'm doing this in hopes that they do something "different" to my hair without butchering it. Lol

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Mostly fine hair, coarse around my edges and nape.
Definitely high porosity and insanely dense.
Not so sure on the elasticity, but I don't think I have a very good moisture/protein balance and my hair is ubber dry, so I'm going to go with low... of course I could be very wrong.

Cowash/RO: HEHH, AIA Coconut Cowash
PT: Ion Effective Care Treatment
DT: Any condish with EVOO+Honey
LI: SM CES or PM The conditioner
Styler: EcoStyler Olive Oil, KCCC, or Let's Jam