She told you that separation is normal?? because of the heat? Ah hell no. If it's prepared correctly, it shouldn't separate. I don't care how hot it is. Unless the product was sitting a 350 degrees oven!! I'd ask for a refund or another one.
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separation is normal in products when they aren't room temperature but depending on the ingredients and the level of heat it might not separate much but even 100 degree temps (which is easy for some trucks during shipping) can cause a product to liquify. ideally once it solidifies it should perform the same but that's often not the case. products can get grainy and weird.
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+1 My Anita Grant Cafe Latte melted in delivery. I gave it 4 days but had to put it in the fridge to get it to solidify.

I was a leary about ordering the DM Buttercream for the same reason. It's just too darn hot. I'm hoping it gets here okay but I won't be surprised to see it arrive liquidy.

ETA: I agree melting and seperating are different issues. It shouldn't seperate.
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