they have that grapefruit spray for your scalp. i like that a lot to refresh my scalp after the gym when i don't want to wash yet. it might help with your itchies.

i like the nourish and monoi hair milk to use at home.
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Thanks, I may go back and get the grapefruit spray because my scalp usually gets itchy after about 3 days, but I'm supposed to make these twists last for 3-4 weeks! The stylist told me to rub some coconut oil on my scalp if it starts to itch, but I'm worried about build up so I don't know if I should do that. She also said that I could get some shine spray to keep them moisturized over the next few weeks.

I'm planning to get the twists redone (assuming they last for as long as they're supposed to last), so I'm not going to buy the other products yet, but I'm definitely thinking about it for after the twists.

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