Thank you for the reply.

I think I may have confused you, I didn't just big chop, I big chopped/colored in 2008. I don't color my hair anymore. It was a one time thing. I also tried to go heat-free, but as you can tell, I fell off the wagon. So maybe it's old heat damage I need to get past.

I'm trying to go CG, so all my products in Silicone/Sulfate-Free. Plus I'm Vegan, so everything is all natural. (except for the Aussie Moist, I wanted to try it out because everyone raved about it. )

Always. I do what I need to when my hair is wet/damp. For example, I'll flat twist when wet, air dry & when I take it down, my hair is standing straight up so to speak.

*laughs* I'll take any saving grace I can get. I think I would have ran back to the salon if my hair was breaking. After not doing my own hair for all my life, it's hard to find stuff and get it working for me.