I have low-porosity med-thick wavy 2b/2c hair. Man I'm getting good. Lately, I've been playing with products and want some opinions on which one cuold be the culprit. I have been using my cowashes as always, so that's not the issue. And I had been using the knot today leave in and that wasn't causing a problem. I used KCCC after knot today, and nothing else, until later with butter balms. It was crunchy but I crunched it out. Then the next day, I cowashed, put in some beautiful curls defining cream with knot today, crunch. Then cowashed (I do daily as I go to the gym) and put in knot today with KCCC, ok so I was rotating those two, and getting crunch. But today I put in knot today and the Shea butter defining cream from Beautiful Curls, and got not only crunch, but nasty stickiness and tangles, like I couldn't get my fingers through my hair. Pulled out some hairs and feel gross. Any ideas on what it is would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if maybe the KCCC isn't coming out with cowashes, although I would think it should. Also, I've been having lately itchy scalp but I think that's from too much conditioner on the scalp. But I have a big day tomorrow, and don't know which products I should use and which I shouldn't. How do I go about discovering this????