KCCC should rinse out with not problem. Personally, I didn't find the KCKT moisturizing enough for me. I've used the Beautiful Curls products and didn't find them to be anything special as far as my curls go, but didn't have any issues with them either.

As many of us do, I rotate products. Even though I wet, rinse out and style every day, I seldom use any one product more then twice a week.

If your scalp is getting itchy from a product, it could be an allergy. I'm allergic to a lot of the popular products on the boards--CK, Shea M LI, anything Bioterra. They make my scalp sting. It just gets worse, not better.

You may want/need to lowpoo every so often. Especially if you're using butters (I read butter balms to be a heavy ingredient), they may not cowash out. At least use a cleansing conditioner like CJ Daily Fix, it has coco b, a mild sulfactant. I try to use the CJ Daily fix every few weeks for it's chelating properties. I keep the DM shampoo around and use it every few months, if I feel that I have an ingredient "issue."
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