We've had one for about a month and we've made green smoothies almost everyday for breakfast. My 10 year old daughter loves it too. She makes smoothies for snacks with kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley~very exciting to see. She has always been a healthy eater but this has really helped her expand what she eats on a daily basis. It is so fast and amazingly easy to clean. I've also used it for some kitchen prep stuff. I make peanut sauce and in the vitamix it is perfect. I love it.
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kale is delicious in the smoothies!!! glad to hear you and your family are enjoying it. i'm going to watch the video and go through my cookbook today and make a list of ingredients. the guy said carrots and cabbage or good adds because they don't change the color of many things and cabbage doesn't change the flavors much either. i know it was in that frappe type drink and i could not tell. mine is red too, just like my tea pot. i smile whenever i look at it
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