I still use Milkshake and will continue to do so. I probably won't repurchase Spiral Curls Cream, but wans't going to even before I heard it had a silicone. My issues is the fragrance.
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Seeing you are a 4a, Suburbanbushbabe, maybe that has something to do with it. I've noticed more of the 3c/4a crowd than those with looser or 3b curls liked the new formulations.

I'm sensitive to fragrances too so I totally relate concerning the Spiral Curls Cream. The irony is that I loved the fragrance of the Asian Tea condish which is supposed to be the Spiral's new fragrance.

Still, it's refreshing that we can all be so different--different goals, different curls, even different fragrance likes/dislikes--even though we share the common element of having curls.
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As regards the Milkshake, I truly see no difference to the old and new formulations, either look or effect. And Milkshake is a product I apply day after day (along with Set it Free) and have no problem with build-up. I'm on day 4. I haven't smelled the new SCC -- what does it smell like? I hate the cherry lifesaver smell of the old SCC.
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