My grandad told me to love my country but fear my government. For our Government is no long for the people by the people, but hellbent on a one world government to create ultimate corruption and tribulation.

America is no longer a nation under God, but a prostitute to the rest of the world. There are very few people who hold virtues, ideals, morals. there is almost no middle class. There are jus about as many wealthy individuals as there are people starving on the streets. so why are we still struggling. Why is the government creating a universal economy. Why are they opressing the poor n the weak. Why won't they hear our voices.

I live in grand rapids, michigan n I've never seen the line for the food kitchen n shelters as long as they are these days, in my life. They're voting on a law to legalize prostitution here n they're makin medical marijuana available to everyone and YOUNG CHILDREN. Ftw??

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