My hair is recovering from years of hairspray, blowdrying straight, hair dye, and no conditioner EVER, that being said...

I have at least figured out that I definitely need conditioner. A heavy one in the shower and a light one or just boots as a leave in. I use too shea in the shower and either aloeba or boots when I get out. I always have good results if I put the product in wet, very wet but not dripping hair. Upside down, tap and scrunch gently in to not disturb my hair pattern. I put on boots then got2be spiked up gel lately. But that changes since I'm a product junkie.
Then I flip back over, smooth product on the top, arrange my growing out bangs so they're curling back and out of my face, then clip my hair at the roots at the top for height. But only for an hour or so because it makes funny dents in my hairs.
Since I can't figure out plopping correctly I airdry sitting on the couch with my hair sitting on the top of the back of the couch to keep the weight from pulling my curls and waves out. I airdry until I just can't stand it anymore. An hour or two and then I diffuse without disturning the curls I like and I arrange the ones that look odd. Then I scrunch gently to loosen up the hair clumps and try not to wish I had tons of volume or that it was already grown out and virgin hair (sigh)

Generally this give me the best hair I can expect while it's repairing and growing. It's twistier every day. Oh and I DT once a week with too shea and about once a month I do a protein treatment.
I confess that although I usually use Jessicurl HCC and CO wash, I also use clarifying shampoo about once a week or so as needed.

My hair is wavy and fine, medium thickness I think? Curly under the canopy. My canopy is curlier if I don't overdo the gel on top but of course I want it to stay in place so I always overdo it. I'm working on that little flaw.

Great thread!