I have a feeling I should get a cut soon, but it almost always ends badly. I finally found someone who could do it right, but she's was a family friend who recently we had a falling out with (ignoring the fact that she lives 4 hours away!). So now I'm asking for advice.

1. I do sometimes straighten my hair, and every stylist I've been to tells me that I have to have my hair straightened for them to cut it. Obviously the heat isn't doing anything to my hair, so what should I say? Do I need to find someone that will cut my hair dry and curly?

2. The hair at the nape of my neck is a lot softer and has significantly larger curls. My mom keeps wanting to chop it down really short so it doesn't hang low beyond the rest of my hair (there is like a 2" difference). Is this really a good idea, especially since I do straighten my hair (every other week or so)?

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