curlypearl and bluesheep, wanted to give you both a (very) belated "thanks so much" for answering my questions! After trying a couple of protein treatments, I see what you mean by the "hard" feeling. I think my hair is somewhere on the coarser side of medium, and I am longing for silky, shiny locks that don't tangle up every 5 minutes, LOL!
2b, high porosity (due to hair coloring),medium-to-coarse, not sure about elasticity, dry, weak wave pattern, prone to halo/crown frizz.

Doing the no-poo for now...
No-poo: EO coconut conditioner
LI: dab of EO coconut conditioner & Aveeno leave-in treatment
Curl enhancers/gel: CCCCL, FSG and CIAB
EVCO as shine serum
PT/DT: trying various combos

Methods/techniques: variations of icequeen and supersoaking, sometimes pixie diffuse, sometimes plop, but still looking for the magic combo.