For frizzed out curls (i.e. needing moisture) I smooth on a little lustrasilk olive oil cholesterol treatment ($2 at Sally's). I barely wet my fingers w/ the product and then smooth down the curl, following the twist of the spiral. I also use the lustrasilk in a spray bottle w/ H2O and coconut oil and do the same method.

If my curls are more squished or deformed and not frizzed out, then I apply the same technique but w/ a spray bottle mix of H2O, aloe vera gel and Sally's colorful neutral protein filler.

I also like CJ smoothing lotion scrunched into dry hair in order to moisturize and give the overall look of my hair some life and bounce if it's been smushed down from sleeping.
3b/3c at nape/a little 3a on the sides, med-course, high porosity, colored.
Protein sensitive, hard water.

spritz and condish
low-poo: shea moisture, Y to Cucs (clarifying)
DT:CJCR, GVPCB+evoo&honey
stylers: FSG, SM Curl & Style Milk, CJCCCL, CJCIAB & Biolage gelee
refresher:CJSL, CJCCCL, Lustrasilk OO
PT: Sally's K-Pak, AO GPB