Ha ha ha ha. I was having a Convo with a friend once (he's American) and I was smelled? Smelt? And he had no idea. I always thought smelled was American and smelt was British, but it's not.
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A few of the online dictionaries I researched stated either "Brit" or "UK" for smelt used in that way. I've NEVER heard an American use "smelt" as a form of "smelled." My Brit friend, however, has used it on occasion, especially after relocating back to the UK after growing up here in the US for the most part. Her speech had become ~98% Americanized, but she has recovered her British roots nicely since moving back there a few years ago, throwing in colloquialisms like "knackered" and "bloody" quite easily and frequently.

Thanks for saving me from possibly making a fool out of myself IRL by "correcting" someone!
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We use smelt in Australia too. Also learnt, spelt, dreamt, burnt, spilt, and spoilt. Although I think some of those may be used in the States too.
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No, those aren't used in the USA. We seem to like our "ed" endings too much to change to "t", even when they sound like "t".