I keep making baby-step progress with my hair. I have discovered that my hair really loves FSG and CJ CIAB. But I've only done short time-length protein treatments, and I think I need to do a nice long one to get better results. I have plans for this hopefully by this weekend, because I need to touch up my roots again (actually I am overdue). And I think I do need at least a bit of a strong hold gel, too. But, my hair looks better overall, less frizzy and poofy. I'm a tough customer: I want my hair to look shiny, bouncy, and silky with nice movement, with as little effort as possible! I think my problems at this point are techniques: scrunching, plopping (or not), when to apply products, not touching hair after it starts to dry...etc. I'm getting there, LOL! Thanks for asking!
2b, high porosity (due to hair coloring),medium-to-coarse, not sure about elasticity, dry, weak wave pattern, prone to halo/crown frizz.

Doing the no-poo for now...
No-poo: EO coconut conditioner
LI: dab of EO coconut conditioner & Aveeno leave-in treatment
Curl enhancers/gel: CCCCL, FSG and CIAB
EVCO as shine serum
PT/DT: trying various combos

Methods/techniques: variations of icequeen and supersoaking, sometimes pixie diffuse, sometimes plop, but still looking for the magic combo.