Spring - I was at a dog adoption event last weekend and a family came with their dachshund to see who she got along with. She was such a little lover! She wanted ALL of the dogs to come home with her and they all chased her around! I thought of Calvin and wondered if he was as charismatic. Hee.
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Awe, she sounds adorable!!!

Calvin's "charisma" is more the Napoleon complex type. When he sees other dogs he gets all riled up and spazzo, yes it makes it hard to go for walks. Once he meets the other dog though he's fine! Little nutjob. We socialized when he was a puppy, but his dad was the same way to maybe it's genetic?

Right now we can't walk because of his back problem, but if we get lucky enough to find out walking is an OK activity after he's seen a vet here I hope we can go on lots of walks. Our neighborhood now is the most walk-friendly we've ever lived in and if we go every day he can only freak out so many times before he has to get over himself!

So sweet of you to think about Calvin.
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My older dog, Jack, was around people/kids/other animals from day one. I was fortunate to be able to bring him to work with me every day from 8 weeks old to..well..until I moved here. He STILL freaks out with new people/dogs: barking, jumping, generally being a little spaz. My other dog, Lucy, just shows everyone her belly.