Slow people

Crying babies at the movies...(come on, if you can afford the movies, I'm sure you can afford a babysitter. If for some reason the baby sitter canceled at the last minute, rent a movie and let the rest of us watch the movie in peace!)


People who think I should know what celebrity they're talking about when they say the name Jennifer.

inconsiderate people
Nosy people

People who don't say thank you when you hold the door open for them.

People who talk on their cell phones while at the doctors office. Come on people...walk outside, no one really wants to know your business.

Facebook... How many times have you talked to someone you knew, decided you didn't want everyone to know your business, gave the people your personal email address, only to never hear from them. Sorry, am I only worth speaking to when others can see what you're saying to me?

To sum it up..................My pet peeve are PEOPLE!!!!!! (All of you are excluded from that...I love each and every one of you)

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