My last Posts and Visit to Naturally Curly

This hair style I am about to do to my hair will be the last posts and visit to the site. I hope I was able to share enough of my personal hair journey that at least one person was able to take and learn something from me. I am leaving the forum because I want to learn about ways of taking care of my hair and styles.

Unfortunately for me I think this site promotes more non-natural styles, which is excellent for some, but not real enough for me.

As I stated earlier I will be doing a prewash example showing how you can wash your hair in such a way that afterwards you dont need to apply anything else. No leave-in and No gels etc.

My experience has been with Vaseline but I just bought a generic brand of Petroleum Jelly which is basically the same thing.

I will post more pics of my hair before, throughout, and after sometime this week when I do it.

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