Hey everyone,

After being CG for a couple of months I decided I wanted to straighten my hair, but I wanted to use a CG friendly product. So I purchased Tigi Control Freak Serum thinking it would straighten my hair lovely since it had soluble cones in it. Boy was I wrong! It came out looking very dry and I couldn't seem to straighten all the wavies out. I'm very disappointed in this product because I read really good reviews about it. My only conclusion now is that achieving silky shiny straight hair is impossible without cones. Before becoming CG I would use biosilk and this redkin heat protector product to straighten and it would come out just the way I wanted it to. I guess whenever I decide to straighten my hair I'll have to go back to those cone filled products and just use a sulfate shampoo to wash them out. Does anyone else have this problem when straightening hair?