--ANYBODY who chews/snaps/cracks gum....or chews with their mouth wide open. I will and have used earplugs--in the company breakroom, in a store--to keep from busting someone in the head.

--People who act so entitled and oblivious to everyone around them when receiving customer service. On the same ticket, people who are rude to service personnel for no damn reason. I have to restrain myself from butting in and cursing them out.

--People who think they're cute; excessive hair flinging/fondling/flipping, trying to walk like a "model", stank snotty "I'm the sh*t" facial expression. I just.cannot.stand.it.

--People who "hate to read"

--"Friends" who act differently towards me when we're around certain people.

--Poor travelers....i.e., people who don't want to walk anywhere.....or when several (or all) of my traveling companions refuse to eat any of the local cuisine or try a local restaurant. HTF can you go to NEW YORK CITY and "oh, we'll just eat at Wendy's" every fricking day???? Wendy's?? WENDY'S!!! UURRGGHHHH!!!

Similarly, I HATE when certain traveling companions don't know how to dress/act when far away from home. I HATE when some of them INSIST on dressing "sexy/clubwear" regardless of the setting. Or act stupid, loud and thirsty for attention. HATE. IT.

It's true, some people you really CAN'T take any-damn-where. I've started turning down invitations if certain people are going and there's no way to avoid them (splitting up and going our own ways, etc.)

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