People who are unnecessarily negative/ people who ask for your advise or suggestions and have an elaborate reason as to why NONE of your suggestions will work.

People who ask questions to give their response (did you even attempt to listen) along the same lines people who converse one sided (while you speak they are formulating their thoughts not listening.)

It annoys me when people refuse to be resourceful. Do you really need every answer in life handed to you on a silver platter with a side of fries?

Nothing bugs me more than someone breathing on me... It has the potential to ruin my day it's pretty bad
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OH MY GOD!!! I hate this. I get some people may not be that good at reserching, but can you atleast put in an attempt before bugging me! ANd whats worse is when they dont use it or at the end of your hours long search when you could had been doing something to benefit you, they say, "oh never mind i dont need it anymore"