At least a huge part of it is that I'm covered in mosquito bites and look like a monster, but I'm just so down. I wish so much I weren't at work. I have to hold back tears. I knew you were an offensive, disgusting slimeball, but I felt somewhat bad because you were usually kind with me. Then you see him at the house, see that there's something going on, and now you're a complete douchebag. You never had a shot with me, but now you get to act offended because you see that someone else does? And you think you can treat me like garbage, you misogynistic *******?

And you, the more I replay Wednesday in my head, the more I'm left with the distinct impression that you don't much respect me. You sure seemed to treat me as if I was some annoying, vapid means to an end whom you tolerate because you think I'm hot. It could be a cultural/language barrier thing, and again perhaps I'm overly sensitive because of my current physical state, but I damn well don't need you being a jerk just because you think you're in.
I already have one person treating me like crap. Bad enough your schedule is different and I don't get to tell you off until much later.

I want to cry.