\my only thing that got me super confused is this. How do I check to know if my curl creme has humectants?? And if it does, then where do I put it into my routine, if it can't go over conditioner? You have to condition, right?? And if I use KCCC and gel, do I need a curl creme, what are some? Hope you can give me some good details/info/explicit because I don't want the white stuff in my hair!! Now you've freaked me out!
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Just look up each ingredient on the cosmetic database.
It'll list there whether the ingredients are humectants or otherwise. By "done put it over conditioner," I meant that you shouldn't put it over leave-in conditioner. Also, I believe KCCC is a curl creme, but I'm not sure.

I didn't see in the routine steps, a step for sealing. Isn't sealing essential and if so, where in the routine does it go? that's been my big question for life, (since trying to be CG) and no one answered it!
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I dont know anything about sealing But! Here is a video about sealing, hopefully it'll help?

Video: Sealing Your Ends
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