I will use up my current stash of Curls products, but I won't reorder. I know that the bottles I have now contain the old ingredients & am happy with those, but I would've appreciated an email, a note on the site, something!! - indicating that the ingredients had changed.
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Ditto and to add that a notice about a change in fragrance would be nice. As I've posted a few times in other threads, I had emailed the owner a couple times as a shipment of SCC had come in and supposedly was bought out before a new shipment came in and I got in on it. There was no mention of a change in the newer version I'd be purchasing. Since I don't like the smell of CEAHT and that's what the new SCC smells like, I sold it. I saw nothing on the site at that time mentioning the changes, either.

I had PM'd a couple of times with a newbie to the site who had written Curls about being disappointed with the changes in SCC. She said she'd received a not very nice reply and would not do business with them again.

I understand that formulas change and all that. Goodness knows we've seen enough changes or discontinuations of products we've loved. It's just they seem to come out of the blue with no notice until after the change and way too often. I'm basically phasing them out because the products that I liked are either gone or have been changed.
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