I have been trying to grow my hair out for months but no results! I have tried to stop putting heat in my hair but I always end up straightening it because I can not style it since I am also not sure what is my hair type because I have all kinds of textures. Here is the most recent picture I could find of my hair:

I have GORGEOUS 3C curls in the back but towards the front my roots get super super SUPER kinky and the rest doesn't even curl ! It's really dry and frizzy as well.

History on my hair:

I had really kinky hair when I was a kid (around 2-5yrs old). I am talking about the kind that would need a hot comb in order to be styled. Then when I turned 7 years old my god mother permed my hair because it was so hard to handle. After that I was perming my hair every 4 or 5 months and trimmed as well. When I turned 13years old (I hadn't permed my hair in a while and it was time to do so!), a hair stylist noticed my natural hair texture growing out and told me that I should not perm my hair because I have beautiful natural curls. So after that I stopped perming my hair and trimmed my hair whenever I needed to, but every time I trimmed my hair I made sure that they would cut a little more than needed just to get rid of the permed hair that was left. Problem is I never stopped going to the hair salon and straightening it and putting heat to it so I never really got used to wearing my hair curly. Now, I had always cut my hair no shorter than shoulder length but in 2010 I foolishly decided to wear sewed in hair extensions. Once the hair stylist removed them, my hair was very thin and really short (maybe two inches under my chin). Since then I have tried to grow my hair out without flat ironing it and leaving my hair in professional care. I am now 17 years old and this year I decided to go natural, especially now in this hot summer, I really don't want to add too much heat to my hair.

Unfortunately I have not followed through with taking care of my hair because I was so busy with school but now that I have graduated and don't need to worry, I am trying to put all my love and care into my hair.
I do not perm my hair, so why does it stay straight? I've been trying to egg, olive oil and mayo treatment as well as applying argan oil to keep my hair shiny and moisturized.
Also, someone told me that certain proteins vitamins may improve my hair texture, does anyone know which ones?
ALSO, I am anemic and I am always taking iron supplements, may this have some effect on my hair?